Meet Holli Christine McCormick - your Practice Joy Coach.  Holli's journey from divorcing abuse to practicing joy began in her early 30s when she began to wake up to the fact that her All-American Life was not even remotely what she had dreamt about. After many hours of individual and group counseling, reading and studying abuse and gender roles, she has been led down a path that looks at abuse in unique and new ways - and found a way to divorce all forms of abuse in her own life.  Now, she brings those personal learning experiences to her new venture combining them with her professional experience as a Fitness & Life coach - offering you a revolutionary approach to divorce abuse and move towards a life where you can truly Practice Joy!

Embodied Soul Coaching
Divorce Abuse.  Practice Joy. Dance with Life

Using a unique set of tools in a coaching format, come along for a journey into your own embodied story, hear what it has to say and make informed decisions from your own best wisdom.  

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Practice Joy Embodied Story
A group coaching experience for women to learn their own history, explore their own inner worlds and join in the Joy of Movement.

A seven week series of classes that explores themes relevant to the soul of a women ~ including the forgotten history of women, how to harness the life force of the feminine soul and bring all this into harmony with your own masculine energy.  The class explores different modalities (voice, art, writing, movement) for women of all ages to express their own story  and that of their ancestors - a place for your feminine voice to be heard and experienced.